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Assess Competency

This English and Maths resource will build upon alphabet and number skills. Develop communication and listening skills. Respond to basic instructions. Develop skills in viewing, reading and writing letters and text.

Work with and understand basic mathematical numbers and concepts. Reason and use mathematical strategies. Develop basic knowledge of shapes. Develop basic knowledge of number patterns. Develop skills in addition and subtraction.

ISBN 9781876893606

75 Pages
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Numbers 1-100
Counting and writing numbers 1-100 is a breeze with this resource. Login to your account, add to your cart, and download this freebie 2 page worksheet now!
2 Pages, ages 7-8
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Numbers 1-1000
Re-enforce numbers 1-1000 with these printables. Ten pages in total with 100 numbers covered on each worksheet. Simple exercise yet very powerful to encourage number pattern recognition, handwriting skills, and mathematical numbering.
10 Pages
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Numbers 1-12
Numbers 1 to 12 printables to help teach Kindergarten students. For classroom and homeschool use.
12 Pages
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Numbers 1-12 Ocean Theme
Stunning original hand drawn images grace these worksheets to help little ones grasp the concept of the numbers 1 to 12. Ocean theme based with different sea creatures depicted on each worksheet.
12 Pages
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