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Learn about Frogs
Thematic unit to teach young students about different frog species and cane toads.

Includes worksheets, online resources for reading, researching, comprehension tests and collaborative projects.The thematic unit of frogs spans across the curriculum covering English, science, art, math, technology, and health. This resource can run over several weeks and is suitable and adaptable for different learning levels.

  • English - literature, research, creative writing, reading, comprehension, process and strategies.
  • Science - investigating scientifically, planning, conducting, processing data, evaluating, life and living.
  • Art - communicating art ideas, using art skills - techniques - technologies and processes.
  • Mathematics - using mathematical strategies, reason, apply and verify, measurement, number, collect and organize data.
  • Technology - interactive online activity using computer system techniques, internet.
  • Health - danger awareness, cleanliness.

Frogs theme unit also links to online learning and is quite extensive with many inter-activities and worksheets to choose from. Flashcards provide excellent reading opportunities before completing the interactivity. An online frog photo gallery leads to more reading, learning about tadpoles and the environment.
36 Pages
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Year 1 Maths
Excellent maths worksheets covering addition, roman numerals, fractions, and logical thinking.
12 Pages
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Year 1 Sight Words
Highly Recommended! Year 1 Sight Words will help students memorize their most used words when reading and writing. Great resource which has proven results. You not only get Year 1 sight words but a list of Kindergarten Sight Words to help with some revision work for those children who need this.
23 Pages
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